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6:27pm 07-14-2017
Kris Cannon
Hello Mr. Smith, I saw you on the bridge July 11, 2017 near The Berlin Cathedral. It was indeed such a pleasure as you greeted me with "hello my sister" and the warmth from you was genuine. I really needed to hear "that" at that particular time. As I listen to your CD, I am enthralled with you music. May you prosper and your territory be enlarged. Kris
6:29pm 03-17-2017
Marjorie Sardella
Farris, I hope you remember our meeting a few years back while you were setting up your Bass to play near Notre Dame Cathedral. I was just about to put up a Facebook post about our serendipitous meeting! You can check it out at Beaux Regards Photographic Art's Facebook page. Hoping you are keeping well. Warmest wishes, Marjorie!
10:35pm 02-03-2017
drew howard
Now tuned to your new station in life.
10:57am 11-07-2015
Mark Paschal
Hello Farris in Paris, Hey My name is Mark Paschal from San Francisco Ca. A great friend of mine Michael Adams takes a class with your brother and Michael gave me your link to leave this message. Hey Im in Paris for a week and would love to hear you play or maybe just connect for coffee or something. If you can do that hit me back, if not, maybe again some day. Take care!!
10:24am 04-28-2015
Lewis Seiler
Hello Ferris,
Read about you in Adrian Leeds' newsletter, do you play at Coretta, would like to know the schedule of events, many thanks and bonne Journee.
Lewis Seiler
1:57pm 11-29-2014
Greetings, Ferris Smith !!
I am Brazilian, we were together in Paris in 2010, I made some pictures of you and I'm sending you them, because, unfortunately, at the time, I had lost your address.
Here is a picture, I hope you enjoy, I am intending to use it in a book I'm doing about photography, I would like to get your permission to publish it.
Take my email
Facebook - Aloízio Jordão

big hug

Aloízio Jordão

7:07pm 04-29-2014
The Black Indian
Hey man, I found you. Fondly remembering HI J-Hall, KTUH etc.etc.What's up??
11:37pm 02-20-2014
David Ferris

Just did find Julia Spiegal's article about you. I'm trying to help a young friend get a license to play in the Metro this summer. Would you please e-mail me the info that she needs, to apply for a license?

2:54am 10-03-2013
Dani & Laura Hall
You are amazing and filled with life. I noticed you played with Cynthia MacPherson in Paris. We are old friends of hers and I wondered if you knew how to contact her. I grew up listening to her as a child my mom would take me down to listen to her play at 4am. I wish I could have heard you together. Her and my mom were very close, any information would be so appreciated.
It looks like you are back in the states now? Keep the music going!

Dani and Laura Hall
Im happy to send you a phone number if you want to pass it along to anyone that might know how to get a hold of her. I called the hotel and left a message but havent heard back.
12:12am 08-05-2013
Hi Farris,I saw you singing earlier this week and I really enjoyed it,you have inspired me to start music again,thank are an inspiration.
Hope you never stop music.thank you
12:52pm 11-08-2012
Back to the garden yet? I will home deliver worms from my gigantic collection if you want..Get in touch and I'll share worm AND knowledge... And yes, I am impressed by the bio. Wow, so cool! Ttys
3:42pm 10-26-2012
salut farris c momo la libellule PREND CONTACT G UN PLAN POUR TOI
4:40am 11-13-2011
Hi farris, I have made a very simple video of you for my blog, here you have it

its very simple,but I really like it
saludos desde argentina
12:28am 11-16-2010
Martin Soler Photos
Hi Farris, I took a photo of you some month ago, loved your great attitude and uplifting happiness on the Notre Dame Bridge. See the photo here:

Farris Smith, Jazz Street Photo by Notre Dame -

Keep playing!
7:35pm 11-05-2010
cheryl williams
HI Farris,
Jerome and are planning a trip for his b-day next march coming your way. Let us know what is good for you so that we can spend so time together. Cheryl
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