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6:45pm 09-28-2010
I meet you and your special sounds last week on the bridge, near Notredame; now your music plays in my optical showroom in Leghorn city
Best regards, Paolo
7:41am 09-17-2010
I have photos for you taken on bridge in Paris in July.
They don't go via email.
Can you email me a postal address to send them to you.
:) Isabelle & Seamus
3:05pm 09-13-2010
Fiona Mclean
Hi! My friends and I saw you on the bridge in Paris whilst you were playing - you were amazing! Can you send us a copy of the picture you took? You made our day! :)
12:43am 09-01-2010
Le'Roy Trout
Hello Farris, by the time you get this mail I hope you and your family are doing fine. Janice and I are vacationing and in about two weeks we will be in Europe. it would sure help to known someone there to help us to get around thanks email me back if your in town Le'Roy
11:23pm 08-11-2010
Hi! Writes you Alexandra. I hope, you remember me, we have got acquainted in Paris during your fine performance. With impatience I wait for your answer! If you can, send to me mail address on which I can send you records of songs in my execution that you have estimated. Excuse for English, it is necessary to use the translator.
I wait the answer on:
5:24pm 04-27-2010
Jubal Green
hey man i met you in Paris before .. i am the Brit that got stranded because of Iceland. nice playing with you all the same
from Birmingham, take care
9:14pm 04-01-2010
Hi Farris,
You may remember me.. I met you at the Sept Quinze with my friends Jessica. Angie and Caroline... Thanks again for a brilliant evening of music... If you are free this Saturday 3rd of April, I'll be singing Jazz @ the baiser salé, rue des Lombards. with a great bunch of musicians... We start around 22h00... I'd love to see you... Anyhow, do take care and stay blessed, Virginia
7:50pm 03-10-2010
Dr. Rocco
Hey Man what a lucky guy, youve always had such good energy and attracted great people around you. heard you might be coming to West Coast. Give a shout eh. Life is good in Seattle. Chad lives up the street now. Cheers and lots of Love Bro. STB Dr. Rocco
10:20pm 03-03-2010
Laury and Marina
Hi Farris!
Just to say we've loved your songs the past Sunday on the Saint Michel's bridge. We asked you to sing "What a wonderfull world" and it was amazing! Do we have any to chance to see you in this bridge or in a jazzbar? We would love hear from you! Take Care! Laury and Marina
10:16pm 12-01-2009
Hello Farris,
I just landed by chance on your site, looking for a picture of Sunny Murray, said to myself, "Hey, but that's des Islettes!!!"... and ended up looking at all the photos, in search of ahem... my youth... and familiar faces. o good to see Sunny, Rasul, Chris... and Patrick!
Gee, these photos sure bring back lots of memories! I had such great times at des Islettes!
Take care, Farris ;)
1:08pm 10-31-2009
Hello Farris,
i have bought a cd from you a few days ago in paris.
Cool stuff!
i like it very much...
so go to listen the sound from my band "doc knotz5":
Rock on,
When you will go to germany, send me a mail!
3:14am 09-27-2009
Al Blues Black Note
Dear Farris:

Nice moment to show you some corner at Saint Michel in Paris. Thanks for your music and your CD. Feedbacked to Tonky and remaining for any gig in Spain.

Best wishes, Nano Blues, Valencia, Spain
1:19pm 09-22-2009
Paul Mac
Hey Farris,
I'm a friend of Bedonna. Just moved to paris and have guitar/voice will travel... or just talk about Bedonna. If you get a minute give me a shout... 01.4224.9522 or email:
Paul Mac
4:47am 08-24-2009
Rewanda MasonMcGee has not been 40 years? You look very good. OMG I'm so glad I put a search out for you. Congrats to your successful career. I sure wish I was there for you to play for me and we catch up on the past 40!!!
12:28pm 04-24-2009
Dear friend
as we met in the METRO in Paris a few days ago I told you about the TV-film in Germany
here ist the link
good luck
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